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Uster 360Q solution suite with the human factor

Cloud platform simplifies device and software complexity.

20th June 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Milan

Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable

Uster Technologies introduced the Uster 360Q solution suite at ITMA 2023, combining instruments, data-enabled software and the company’s textile expertise, and aimed at empowering mills to lift quality and profitability to the next level.

Cotton is the most widely-used natural fibre in textiles and the most challenging when it comes to raw material management. A primary challenge is the quality of cotton and its variability. Spinning mills have a delicate task to maintain optimal stock levels without compromising quality or profitability. The raw material mix is crucial, as laydowns affect process performance and waste levels at different stages, as well as quality and consistency. Mill personnel may not always have the expertise needed to manage these factors.


Uster 360Q supports spinners in sustainable data-driven decisions for raw material management. Combining the Uster HVI 1000 with powerful software, analysis of fibre data is the starting point. Uster textile experts then bring the capabilities of equipment, data and software tools into the specific mill context. This achieves maximum and long-term quality consistency, reduces mixing costs and optimises yields and waste levels. Minimised losses from claims are the result.

FiberQ Lot and FiberQ Bale are the software elements of 360Q for raw material utilisation and support the daily processes of spinners.

The Uster FiberQ Lot laydown management value module is suitable for mills which take representative samples of incoming cotton, rather than 100% testing of all bales, particularly when cotton parameter variation is low within one lot.

Uster FiberQ Bale laydown management value module caters for mills conducting 100% testing of bales – or which have test results for every bale provided by cotton classing organisations. It is ideal for machine-picked cotton with higher parameter variations within lots.

FiberQ Lot and FiberQ Bale achieve maximum quality consistency by processing high volumes of data while considering all key quality parameters.


The Uster 360Q Platform is the enabler for comprehensive data processing. The cloud platform simplifies device and software complexity by providing a central access point for all Uster solutions and digital services. Uster’s new architecture enables global connectivity and greater analytical power.

Any system, however intelligent, always needs the human factor to acieve the best outcome. For spinning mills, regular collaboration with Uster textile experts enables maximimum optimisation potential. The one-time Adoption Service supports early operation, while the continuing Advisory Service has specially targeted benefits for achieving quality consistency and minimising costs.

With Uster Academy, 360Q introduces another source of knowledge. The Uster Academy is a comprehensive e-learning platform with course programmes including tailored training for diverse learning needs and impactful decision-making. Participants can stay up-to-date through flexibly-paced online courses.


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